Support Disks and Volumes

My name is …. from …. with the product  XYZ Support Team. I’ll assist you with the PMR in the subject.

Can you please collect the following data to enable you assisting
you with this issue:

C:\Program Files\IBM\Hardware Provider for VSS-VDS>
ibmvcfg list infc -l > ibmvss_infc.out
ibmvcfg list all > ibmvss_all.out
ibmvcfg list free > ibmvss_free.out
ibmvcfg lsfcmap -delim : > ibmvss_fcmap.out

wmic diskdrive list brief /format:list > diskdrive_list.out
wmic logicaldisk get caption,description,drivetype,providername,volumename,volumeserialnumber,deviceid > logicaldisk.out

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