Compact the VDI disk

cd /d "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox"

To list the VM’s details run:

VBoxManage.exe list -l vms


Name:            RHINO W2012R2


SATA (0, 0): D:\VirtualBoxVMs\RHINO W2012R2\Snapshots/{57f6550e-f818-4bcd-9d46-9b99ef168e5f}.vdi (UUID: 57f6550e-f818-4bcd-9d46-9b99ef168e5f)


Name:            JACK W2012R2


SATA (0, 0): D:\VirtualBoxVMs\JACK W2012R2\Snapshots/{426e12f0-968a-4756-af0b-85f5bc22d466}.vdi (UUID: 426e12f0-968a-4756-af0b-85f5bc22d466)


To compact the VDI disk run:

in case of RHINO VM

VBoxManage.exe    modifyvdi        57f6550e-f818-4bcd-9d46-9b99ef168e5f   compact

in case of JACK VM

VBoxManage.exe    modifyvdi     426e12f0-968a-4756-af0b-85f5bc22d466  compact

Resize the VDI disk

  1. Remove any VirtualBox snapshots
  2. Provide the new size for the disk !!!
VBoxManage.exe modifyhd        "d:\VirtualBoxVMs\RHINO W2012R2\W2012R2.vdi" --resize 51200

Then expand the disk using Disk Management from inside the guest.

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